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At Urban Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of advancements and innovations in the beauty industry. We are also passionate about offering treatments in an environment focused on self-love and health in all its forms; and not on pushing trends.

We understand that a woman's appearance influences her self-esteem and, therefore, her mental health. And with social media being so prevalent, we feel the industry should emphasise the beauty of uniqueness and graceful ageing.

The aim is for a woman to leave our salon more in love with herself than when she came in.

A woman is receiving advanced microneedling treatment on her face

Maintain healthy skin

Advanced Facials

Whether it's due to the environment or other stressors - our faces bear the early signs of ageing and unhealthy habits. Luckily skincare advancements have come a long way, and we now offer treatments that guarantee results.

Discover Advanced Facials
A woman is receiving laser hair removal treatment on her delicate underarm skin

Maintenance & Sculpting

Body Treatments

The beauty industry has seen remarkable innovations in non-invasive body alterations. So whether you want to target your breasts, booty, or belly, we have numerous options to suit your specific preference and need.

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A woman is having the area above her eyes prepared for microshading treatment

Celebrate what makes you, you.

Cosmetic Treatments

Procedures aimed at enhancing your best features and elevating your appearance. Long-lasting and flattering - our cosmetic treatments are high-maintenance investments to live a low-maintenance lifestyle.

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A woman is receiving an advanced laser facial with the implement moving above the nose area

Target specific skin issues

Laser Facials

Laser facials offer targeted treatment to suit your specific needs. The procedures are effective yet gentle enough to treat even the most sensitive areas of your face and body.

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A plus-size woman examening her body in a mirror

Options to suit you best

Weightloss Treatments

Each body is beautiful and should be celebrated and appreciated. But suppose you are interested in losing weight, sculpting and toning - we offer effective and non-invasive options with visible results after only a few sessions.

Discover Weightloss Treatments
The back view of a women with beautifully tanned skin and long and wavy raven hair

coming soon

Hair Spa Treatments

We are launching a new range of treatments focused solely on healthy hair. Watch this space, and follow us to stay up to date.