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Celebrate what makes you, you.

Innovative cosmetic solutions to restore and rejuvenate. Experience industry advancements at the hands of a passionate team of certified experts.

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High-Maintenance Habits

Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

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Invest in long lasting cosmetic treatments that not only ensure you look your best, but saves you time to spend on the things that matter.
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Manicures &

A relaxing experience that keeps nails clean and healthy, and lends to a more put-together aesthetic to boost your confidence.
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Laser Hair

One of the most tedious self-care obligations can be a thing of the past. Throw away your razor and keep your body smoother for longer.

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Custom Packages

We are so excited to announce that we are now offering custom packages for events, such as bridal and baby showers, weddings, etc. Contact us to receive a custom quote for your event.

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coming Soon

Hair Spa Treatments

We are launching a new range of treatments focused solely on healthy hair. Watch this space, and follow us to stay up to date.

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no matter how much you weigh

YOU ARE Perfect

Each body is beautiful and should be celebrated and appreciated. But suppose you are interested in losing weight, sculpting and toning, we offer effective and non-invasive options with visible results after only a few sessions.

Schedule a consultation to discuss options to best address your needs.

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Latest Reviews

Explore the glowing feedback from our satisfied clients!

  • Flora Mogapi

    2 months ago

    Always a great experience with you guys. The staff is friendly and welcoming 🙂. Was there on the 31 May. This time around was attended by Talent 😊.wow what an excellent service. Looking forward to my next appointment 😊

  • Charlene Van Wyk

    2 months ago

    Professional, clean. The environment is so homely. Best service by far

  • isabel Nieuwoudt

    3 months ago

    Laura and her staff are all friendly and quite professional. The treatments are effective and reasonably priced. Urban Aesthetics has good specials that we love taking advantage of.

  • Gename Reynolds

    4 months ago

    Very clean salon with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Moira was amazing and explained everything to me in detail. Loved my experience and will definitely be back

  • Marygold Challenor

    4 months ago

    Lovely experience and staff very good. Excellent service

  • Barbara Olivier

    5 months ago

    Stunning place.Friendly professional staff Pleasant experience

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    A Sensible Approach

    Owned and operated by a mother and wife – at Urban Aesthetics, we are compassionate and understanding of the issues women face today. With social media and the beauty industry making the standard of attractiveness increasingly unattainable, it has become a constant battle to feel confident in our own skin.

    At Urban Aesthetics, we are not interested in pitching trends or profiting off insecurities.

    As women, we are passionate about innovations and advancements in solutions that address cosmetic concerns constructively and healthily. Our aim is restoration, be it physically or mentally.

    Every woman is beautiful, and we strive to help our clients to find their confidence. Let us support a community and environment focused on mental health, self-love, and ageing with grace.

    After all, true beauty is about the woman – not about the trend.

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    Beautiful bodies of women all shapes, sizes and colour.


    Let's Chat

    The relationship each of us has with our bodies is as unique and intricate as our fingerprints. And that is why no one understands your needs better than you.

    At Urban Aesthetics we encourage honest discussions. Talk to us about your insecurities and desires, and tell us how we can help you.

    We understand that confidence and beauty is about more than physical appearances. It is also about a healthy mindset and perception.

    We offer you a compassionate environment free of judgement, to help you take the first steps toward self-love.

    A branch of eucalyptus leaves resting delicately on a woman's we back