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One of the safest ways to remove parts of, or entire tattoos.

Tattoo Removal

High-powered lasers penetrate into the skin to demolish ink particles.

A procedure that utilizes high-powered lasers that penetrate deep into the skin and permanently demolish the ink particles within the cells that give the colour to the tattoo.

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  • There are several marked advantages to laser tattoo removals, most of which involve the non-surgical nature of this treatment. Others include; no scarring, effective fading/removal of tattoos, minimal recovery, removing specific parts of- or entire tattoos, and finally – safety, as laser tattoo removal is one of the safest ways to remove tattoos.
  • The laser light is designed to leave your healthy skin cells alone.
  • Laser removal can effectively diminish the appearance of tattoos without the lasting effects that can make other removal methods undesirable.
  • After treatment, protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation for a few days. A small amount of redness and tenderness may persist, but these effects should subside within a few days of treatment.
  • Treatment can remove specific parts of a tattoo or cleanse entire regions of your body from tattoos.
  • One of the safest ways to remove tattoos with minimal risk of infection. A few undesirable side effects occur after treatment, and comfort stays relatively high during the procedure.

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A consultation will be required before each treatment. Prices are subject to change for special offers.